Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sharada at Shardi in Kashmir

As mentioned earlier , the original Temple of Sharada, the Goddess of learning is in Kashmir , in a village called Shardi , which is situated in the beautiful neelum valley on the banks of the kishenganga river .

Unfortunately it is now 8 km beyond the LOC . No worship takes place there now but it is an ancient and sacred spot where a 1500 year old temple stands in ruins . Once a thriving centre of Hindu scholarship , it was the seat of the throne of transcendental wisdom , the Sarvajna Pitha, which Sri Adi Sankara ascended . The stone platform , the Pitha covers a sacred spring , the fount of knowledge .
Sri Adi Sankara composed the Sharada Bhujanga Stotra in praise of the divine mother here .
The scriptures say " Namaste Sharadhe Devi , Kashmira pura Vasini " , Salutations to Sharada who lives in Kashmir . Kashmir was a centre of Hindu civilisation for thousands of years till the onslaught on Islam in the 14th century , when people were converted by the sword .

Its truly a great pity that this area was not recovered from the pakistanis in 1971 as part of the Simla accord ,when it could so easily have been done .