Monday, October 29, 2012

Ayudha Pooja and Vijaya dashami

Marks the ninth day of the important festival Dasara or Dushera .
the ten day festival marks the victory of Godess DURGA over the demon MAHISHA. Hence she is called MahishasuraMardini . DURGA pooja the the most important festival in eastern india .
Also marks the victory of lord RAMA over RAVANA esp in northern  india  .
Marks the beginning of the north east monsoon and autumn .
Saraswathi goddess of learning and Hayagriva god of knowledge are worshipped on navami , the ninth day .
Tools of ones trade , vehicles and workplaces are worshipped esp in southern  india .
The tenth day marks Vijayadashami , the day of victory .
In southern india  many families display painted clay images  of the gods on temporary steps , esp different aspects of the divine mother .
One of the most important festivals in the calendar of the sanathana dharma , a ten day celebration and holiday .


Lord Cheluvanarayana at Melukote

Lord Varadaraja at Kanchi

One of the four main Sri Vaishnava temples of south India , the others being SRIRANGAM ,TIRUMALA , and MELUKOTE.