Friday, September 18, 2009

Sacred Waters

Oh Sacred Waters you are the one that brings life .

You give us norishment and strength . ....

We rejoice at your existence ....

We drink you with joy , as babies drink their mother's milk ....

And when we swallow you we recieve love - as babies do from their mothers ...

You give birth to us and you give us life in the service of God ..

You keep us happy and healthy in the service of God ...

May God always be our help and our preserver ..

You are the ruler of all ..

When we are sick you cure us ..

You are our armour protecting us from illness ..

We pray that we shall continue to see the sun rise for many years ..

Oh Sacred waters , carry away my sins and failures ...

all that has been bad in my life ..

Clense me of of deceit and malice ,

of broken promises ..

I seek you today ..

I shall plunge into your wetness ..

drown me in your splendour !!!

Rig Veda 10-9, 1-5, 7-9