Tuesday, June 24, 2008

to begin- intro

Sanathana Dharma which means in sanskrit" the ancient path of noble and righteous living " is the correct name for hinduism ."Hinduism " itself is a term that evolved from the word Sindhu meaning the river indus . It was first used by people living in the middle east etc to refer to all people living to the east of the indus , ie in India .India is home to one of the world earliest civilizations .The land south of the hindukush and the himalaya mountains , upto the indian ocean , ie ,the indian subcontinent , consists of traditional India . The Sanathana Dharma is the worlds oldest religion having its roots 5000 years ago .It is followed by nearly one billion people out of the world's 6.5 billion people . 80% or 800 million live in india . India is also the spiritual home of the offshoot or closely related religions of buddhism , Jainism , Sikhism , etc .Together , they constitute over 1.5 billion people , over a quarter of the world's population .Hinduism has no formal founder , church or organisation . It evolved and continues to evolve change and adapt out of a synthesis of of various cultures , beliefs customs and ways of living over centuries ...Traditional Hinduism does not attempt to convert others . The hindu view is that all religions are true . Hinduism believes that the faith one is born in is good for you .

Broad aim of this blog

Some time ago , a non Hindu friend of mine asked me to give a brief summary of hinduism or the Sanathana Dharma , and I suddenly realised I was tongue tied and at a loss for words ( which most hindus are , when it comes to their own dharma ) . Therefore my broad aim in this blog will be to collect titbits of information about the Sanathana Dharma .This will be a sort of online diary for me to refer to , a mirror of stuff in my head .I make no claims of being thorough , systematic , comprehensive, organised or regular in my posts , however they will be reasonably accurate .I have often found than when I need information I dont find it easily , hopefully this will help . A collection of stuff I feel I should know and remember . Perhaps this will be useful to others also. A sort of basic guide .