Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where is God ?

The scriptures say that God encompasses everything in this universe. They further go on to say that all matter in the universe with its millions of galaxies stars and planets consist of only one quarter of God , the rest three fourths of God remains as energy .

However God also manifests specially in five different ways .

As " Para " God is Para Brahman , who encompasses everything , is present every where , pervades everything.

( Vishnu means the "Pervader ")

As " Vyuha " God manifests as various divine beings and demigods .

As " Vibhava " God manifests as Avataras or incarnations or spiritually uplifted beings in human form who come to guide humankind.

As "Antaryamin " God is present inside all living creatures .

And finally as " Archa " or in the form of duly consecrated Images in temples , where God is ritually invoked , who answers the prayers of devotees .