Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Founded by Kanada , 100 AD , with the work Vaisesika Sutras .

Initially atheistic , the system talked of an atomised universe like the Buddhists and Jains . Later when it joined hands with the Nyaya boths systems became theistic .

As per the Vaisesika , everything in the world is composed of atoms , except soul , consciousness , time , space and the mind . The atoms being uncreated , invisible , eternal . When the world dissolves the atoms exist individually .

During this interim period , good and bad karma remain latent , until objects in the universe begin to form again through various combinations of atoms , in a cyclical process .

When the systems of Nyaya and Vaisesika becaome theistic , God was introduced as the Supreme Soul , Paramatman ,who became a secondary Creator , creating worlds from eternally existing matter .

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