Sunday, October 19, 2008


Mimamsa is the fifth system of the Asthika systems . Mimamsa and Vedanta are often dealt with as the last pair . Also referred to as Purva Mimamsa and Uttara Mimamsa .
Mimamsa literally means "critical examination" or solution of a problem by reflection . It is an atheistic system founded by Jaimini as summarised in th Mimamsasutra , 1st century AD , but also contains earlier material .
Mimamsa theory contradicts many aspects of the other systems .
The Vedas are divine , eternal .The world has no beginning or no end . Matter is eternal . Bodies are formed from matter , as per the Karma of their individual souls . There are as many souls as bodies . Souls are also eternal and do not perish with the body . When liberated souls are without consciousness .
There are no cycles of creation and destruction. One should perform only good acts and the required rituals embodied in the Vedas without desire for reward . This automatically destroys the effects of Karma and leads the soul to liberation . God has no role .
The initial view was that liberation is a state of heavenly bliss , rather than the release from rebirth , which is an upanishadic notion .

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