Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Guru

The Guru , or the Teacher , plays a crucial role in the Sanathana Dharma .

A spiritual aspirant finds his path far easier if he or she is guided by the right Guru .

Hinduism gives a very high status to the guru , he or she is only next to God , since the Guru leads us to Godhead .

I have been fortunate in having several good teachers .

My late Paternal Grandfather , who taught me the traditional Aradhana or the Puja as per our denominational traditions , and who also taught me the Sri Stuthi , the Sudarshana Ashtaka and the Hayagriva Stotra .

My late Maternal Grandfather who taught me the Vishnu Sahasra Nama and the Venkatesha Suprabhatha.

My late father in Law , who set a wonderful example and inspired me by the way he lead his life and by his constant equanimity , who reminded one of Siva Dakshinamurti , the divine Silent Teacher .

My weekend Gita Teacher who persuaded me to write the first two exams on the Bhagavad Gita .

My sanskrit teacher at school who taught me the basics of the sacred language , the most beautiful in the world .

My 82 year old Veda teacher ,
who formally taught me the basic fire sacrifices - the Agnihotra , the Aupasana , the Vichinna Aupasana , and the Sthali Paka Homa , and from the divine Vedas , the Pancha sukta , ( The Purusha Sukta , the Narayana Sukta , the Sri Sukta , the Bhu Sukta , and the Nila Sukta )
the Vishnu Sukta , the Pancha Shanti's , the Naasadiya Sukta , the Hiranyagarbha Sukta , and importantly from a philosophic point of view --- the Taitariya Upanishad from the Shukla Yajurveda .

And last but most importantly , my mother , who taught me all my basic prayers and slokas on her lap , who gently , but steadily , has reminded me of the importance of spiritual goals , and also of faith , of truth , of simplicity , of virtue , of detachment and so on .
( I am yet to make headway on the simplicity and detachment ).

Many many individuals, big and small, from PhD holders to our maid , have also taught me numerous little things by their actions , by their personalities , and their behaviour.

Last but not the least , I am profoundly grateful to the Supreme Being , the first Guru , who has shown me the right path .

For all my teachers , I am immensely grateful .

But I still have a very long way to go .......

However , I pray that I will continue to get guidance , directly or otherwise .

"Brahma praavaadhishma thanno maa haaseeth. "

"I have chanted the sacred Veda , may it not abandon me ."

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