Thursday, May 5, 2011


The scriptures describe Brahman as comprising of

" Satyam ,Gyanam ,Anantham " .

Truth , Knowlwedge and Infinity .

The truth referred to is the ultimate truth ,

the knowledge is a complete knowledge of all that there is to know ..

and infinity indicates that Brahman encompasses everything .

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bharath
I accidently stumbled upon your blog while I was searching some photos of hindu temples for a presentation. You are doing an yeoman service to the hindu communicty globally by posting very informative blogs on the religion. I will make it a point to read and understand the principles of Hinduism better whenever I get time and will encourage my family to do so as well. Keep up the good work. It is because of people like you, the sanathana hindu dharma will live for ever... Well done.
Thanks and regards
Seetharaman from South afica.