Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Art of Giving

The Scriptures place great importance to giving or Dhaana .

Dhaana is a sacred ritual sanctified by the ceremonial pouring of water over the hands ...

There are nine  important points to keep in mind .

1. Give with the heart not with the head ...

 do not analyse it too much .

2. Give with Joy , not reluctantly .

3. Give only that is useful to the other person , not junk .

4. Give without expecting anything in return , there should be no expectation of returns or quid pro quo .

5. Give with humility love and compassion , not with pride or arrogance .

There is a story of a famous donor who would only give anonymously as far as possible , and even if he were face to face , he would not look at the face of the donee , only at his feet ..

when asked why , he said ... I do not wish to embarass the receiver ....

6. give in proportion to your capacity ...

 a 100 rupee gift by a person who earns a 1000 rupees is greater than a 1000 rupees given bya millionaire .

after your taxes , loan dues and savings , give at least 10% of your income .

7. Give unconditionally , not with numerous strings attached .

8. Give to the deserving , not to the undeserving.

there is no point conducting a function at a temple and feeding your already overfed relatives and friends ..
feed the hungry instead .

9. and finally , do not flaunt or boast about having given .

like those who paint their names on tubelights  donated to temples cutting off half their light .

Lets make the world a better place by Dhaana , Giving ...

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